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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the buzzers be used without a computer?
    • All our buzzer models require a Windows PC or MAC computer running compatible software. The computer displays the name of the first player to buzz-in and locks out the other players. All quiz sounds are played through the computer and can be amplified via the headphone jack. The buzzers themselves do not light up or make any sound.
  • Do the buzzers light up or make sound?
    • All quiz sounds are played through the computer and can be amplified via the headphone jack. The buzzers themselves do not light up or make any sound.
  • I only need one wireless buzzer. Will the USB receiver be included with my order?
    • We include a free USB receiver with your initial order of two or more wireless buzzers. If you want only one buzzer, you can purchase a USB receiver by clicking the ACCESSORIES tab on our web site.
  • I lost my USB receiver and need to purchase another one. Will it work with my existing wireless buzzers?
    • Absolutely! Any of our wireless USB receivers will work with any of our wireless buzzers with no syncing, pairing or programming required.
  • Can I run two or more quiz computers in the same room?
    • This is only an issue for our wireless buzzer. If two or more buzzers with the same number assignment are used by multiple computers within the wireless range, both buzzers will register on both computers. There are two workarounds. The first is simply to separate the computers by a distance greater than the wireless range. We recommend 100 feet between computers. The other is to use different buzzer numbers for each computer within range of any others. Computer 1: Buzzers 1-4, Computer 2: Buzzers 5-8, Computer 3: Buzzers 9-12, etc. Feel free to call and discuss this setup with us if you need to conduct concurrent quizzes in close proximity.
  • Can I use the wireless Big Daddy tabletop model and the wireless Power Grip handheld model together in the same quiz/game?
    • Absolutely. The wireless electronics is the same in both models, only the exterior design of the buzzer is different.
  • I already have a 10-player wired system. Can I buy wireless buzzers and add them as #11 and up?
    • Certainly! You will need one USB port for your wired 10-port interface box and another USB port for your wireless USB receiver.
  • How many buzzers can I use in a quiz game?
    • Our free Easy Quiz supports up to 50 buzzers!
    • Game Show Presenter
      • Bronze version supports a max of 6 buzzers.
      • Gold version supports a max of 10 buzzers.
    • Crowd Control Games
      • Depends on the game. Some use a single buzzer to trigger a game action. Others use between 2 to 8 buzzers, but more buzzer games are being developed all the time!
  • Can I add more buzzers later, after my initial purchase?
    • Of course! Our wireless buzzers are sold "each" so add more anytime - just drop us a note to tell us what numbers you want. Additional buzzers will work with your existing USB receiver with no syncing, pairing or programming needed! Our wired buzzers are sold in sets of 10 buzzers so you can purchase a set for buzzers 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40 or 41-50.
  • Does your free Easy Quiz display the questions on the computer screen?
    • Easy Quiz is a verbal quiz game. You simply read your questions from your prepared list or from any available trivia book. Likewise, the players answer verbally so the quiz host can press right or wrong answer key on the keyboard so the computer can keep score. Demo videos are available on our home page or YouTube (search "Affordable Buzzers Easy Quiz"). For TV-style game shows and other buzzer games, see the FAQ for 3rd party software.
  • What other quiz or game software is available that works with your buzzers?
    • Game Show Presenter
      • 3 or 4-game collection including feud-style, jeopardy-style and quiz bowl style games. Questions are displayed on screen and can include graphics and sound files. Their Bronze package includes three games and supports 6 buzzers max while their Gold version includes four games and supports 10 buzzers max. Quizzes can be saved and reused anytime.
    • Crowd Control Games
      • Exceptional graphics, great sounds, separate control panels, wildly amusing and creative games. Feud-style and jeopardy-style quizzes are available as well. Their website provides tutorial videos that demo each game.
  • Can I change the number assignment for a buzzer myself?
    • The buzzer number is set using a tiny 6-position DIP switch. This switch is located on the bottom of the Big Daddy tabletop buzzer and inside the battery bay of our Power Grip handheld buzzer. We can provide instructions and a chart for setting the DIP switch upon request but we do not recommend frequent changes to this switch setting and only as needed.
  • Can I put my logo on the Big Daddy buzzer button?
    • The shape of the dome button makes it impossible to affix a label of any type of material without wrinkling. We recommend labeling the black base of the buzzer. You can use a 1" tall label of any width and wrap it around the buzzer base.
  • Is the wireless Host Remote required to use your buzzers?
    • The wireless 2-button Host Remote is for use with our free Easy Quiz only. It is and optional accessory and is not required to use Easy Quiz. The Host Remote provides the ability to run your quiz without having to touch your computer keyboard so you are free to move about your contestants during the quiz.
  • What delivery time is required for international shipments
    • USPS Priority advertises 6-10 business days and USPS Express advertises 3-5 business days. After customs clearance the package is handed off to the local post carrier so delivery times are not guaranteed. We recommend allowing a few extra days delivery time and always provide a phone number in case customs or your local post carrier need to contact you. You may also be responsible for customs fee or taxes. We ship worldwide and have no information about import fees or taxes for your country. FedEx or UPS is available at increased cost by contacting us for a quote.
  • Does Easy Quiz support DMX stage lighting?
    • Our free Easy Quiz supports DMX stage lighting by sending MIDI notes out the USB port for each sound event. Your DMX controller, whether a hardware or software controller, will need to support MIDI note input to control your lighting scene selection. Our online Easy Quiz User Guide includes notes about hardware and software DMX controllers we have used successfully with Easy Quiz. Note that this function is provided as an advanced feature for those customers knowledable in DMX lighting solutions. We cannot support your individual DMX connections beyond the notes we have provided.